Civil Engineering

  • Dedicated Engineering.
  • Project Management for design/engineering phases including real estate approvals.
  • Design / Engineering for all wireless infrastructure builds.
  • Pre-implementation site audits to provide a site level designs, Method of Procedure (MoP) and Bill of Material (BoM).
  • Greenfield designs including all requirements for tower sites, rooftops, bridges, flagpoles and all antenna support structure types.
  • CAN/CSA S37-18 audits and structural tower analyses.
  • Dampening ratio investigations and remediation.
  • Drafting/Design, 3D Modeling, Aerial Mapping & Surveying.
  • Landlord negotiations and all general permit handling including council and land board approvals.
  • Environmental impact assessments and Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approval.
  • Stealth Antenna Concealment and Fiberglass Structures.
  • Construction Management.
  • As-built documentation.

Radio Frequency (RF) Engineering

  • Antenna audits, tower inventories and line of sight surveys.
  • Direct coordination with your RF Engineering teams.
  • ite survey for Scope of Work (SoW) definition to achieve RF objectives.
  • Site performance audits including line/antenna testing, line tracing, labeling and configuration checks.
  • Site optimization.
  • Satellite-based antenna alignment.
  • PIM investigations (internal and external sources).
  • Safety Code 6 (SC6) 3D Modeling.
  • Safety code 6 compliance measures. Parameter fencing, signage, etc.

Equipment Engineering

  • Capable to work on Installation Work Order (IWO) and Provisioning Work Order (PWO) preparation for LTE & 5G project.
  • Using tools and databases such as Spatial Net, AutoCAD, NRM, HPNA, REMEDY, DOCUMENTUM, MS ACCESS and Adobe ACROBAT for upgrading Layer 2 and Layer 3 CISCO 7604-A2, ME3800-S2, S1, CSD1 and CSD3 Routers to ASR903, ASR920 and NCS540 L3 Routers.
  • Working on LTE rollout projects providing DC Rectifiers Power augmentation and replacement, LTE BASEBAND - BB6630 implementation and reconfiguration for addition of 850MHz, 1900MHz and 5G RRU Installation IWOs.
  • Mini Link TN Installation and Provisioning Work Orders, software upgrades and downgrades, with TRUPOINT and OC3 FLX removals based on Transmission designs.
  • Actively working in Transport, IP, Video broadcasting and wireless networks on Fujitsu, ALU, Nortel, Cisco and Juniper platforms.
  • Proficient knowledge and meeting telecom design standards and requirements.
  • Interpret existing high-level drawings, plans and requirements.
  • Designing DC power setups for LTE & 5G for Vertiv, Emerson, Eltek, Netsure 502, Netsure 702, Alpha CXPS-E3.