MW (MICROWAVE New Hop Deployment & Upgrades)

Activities Involved

  • Site survey to assess the site conditions
  • Review the Work orders to understand the SoW
  • Prior contact with respective stakeholders before starting the work.
  • Inform the customer regarding any deviation in IWO & CWO.
  • Material and steel delivery to the sites as per the WO.
  • MW hop deployment
  • Programming and testing the hop (Sweep, OTDR and RFC2544).
  • MW cut over
  • Removal and reverse logistics of the dismantled items back to Warehouse.
  • Closeout package submission.

Different MW Deployment Scenarios

  • (4+0), (8+0) and (4+4) MW hop implementation with carrier aggregation.
  • Multiband booster with E band for high throughput.
  • Multiband antenna installation usually for new rollout sites.

Crew details

  • We have 4 in-house teams dedicated for MW work.
  • Each team consists of a foreman, Riggers and a technician.
  • Adhere with all health and safety norms.
  • Well qualified to perform and tackle any challenges in the field.
  • Engineering graduates who can read and understand the drawings properly are our assets.

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