Our Services

What we do…. Wireless services

  • Full turnkey project management for new sites, augmentations, etc.
  • End to end new site builds, small cells inbuilding systems, wireless augmentations, etc.
  • 5G overlays, capacity adds, sectorizations, antenna consolidation.
  • Land acquisition & municipal approvals.
  • Civil, structural & electrical engineering.
  • Steel fabrication / galvanization.
  • Grounding systems and lightning protection.
  • Road, compound, foundations and shelter placement.
  • Electrical services, meters and site connections.
  • Tower stacking, rooftops and all antenna support structures.
  • STAs and tower reinforcing.
  • Technical installations, testing & commissioning.
  • Complete microwave transport installation, alignment & commissioning.
  • Routers & switching.
  • Site optimization & trouble-shooting.
  • Site maintenance; re-lamps, plumb/tension & re-guying.
  • Emergency site restoration.
  • Cell on Wheels (COW) deployment.

What we do…. Wireline Services

  • Full turnkey solutions including backhaul, last mile, inside plant, customer premises, building entrances and street level coverage.
  • Outside plant fiber and copper placement (Aerial and underground).
  • Long-haul and local loop infrastructure / equipment.
  • Traffic Control / Traffic Management.
  • Daylighting.
  • Fusion Splicing.
  • Duct Infrastructure repairs for underground cable.
  • Exterior Surveying,Rodding/Roping.
  • Conduit/Manhole Systems & Optical Ground wire(OPGW).
  • Interior riser cabling & riser management services.
  • Free-Space Optical Transport.
  • Fiber delivery to any demarc; FTTH, FTTB, FTTC, FTTx.
  • OTDR testing and acceptance.
  • Troubleshooting.
  • Bucket truck access.
  • Hydrovac excavation.
  • Confined Space services.
  • Emergency call out and repair 24x7.

What we do…. Other Services

  • Inspections.
  • Electrical Services.
  • Warehousing.
  • Solar power infrastructure.
  • Dedicated Engineering.
  • EV Charging Stations.
  • CCTV/Security.
  • Outsourced technical manpower.
  • Drone sections.

Our Specialization

Turnkey Efficiency

Seamless Execution

Unmatched Quality

We take care of all your project needs from design to in-service. Our seasoned delivery team can design your implementation plan to suit your specific organizational requirements. Our daily update process and progress dashboards ensure your team is always up to speed with the latest developments and progress status. Give us a ring for more info!!!

Our Strategy

ANET is a Canadian-based organization. However, we belong to an international network of highly experienced telecommunications organizations. Our partners are located in India, Mexico and Europe. We can quickly ramp-up to take on projects of any size. We can also use this feature to address resource constraints during project peaks. All of our employees are fully trained and certified for Canadian work site safety, tower safety and Safety Code 6. Let’s start planning your next rollout!

Global efficiencies passed on to our customers

Our ability to utilize resources from our international network of partners allows us to unlock new efficiencies and provide extraordinary pricing. When the demands peak, we simply add resources as required to ensure we remain on plan. Use of offshore resources for tasks such as drafting, project administration and data management keeps our pricing low while project management and frontline execution remains local.

Our Mission

To continue aligning ourselves with the evolving North American telecommunications and energy sectors. To be our customers’ first choice of business by providing outstanding service at a competitive cost through innovation, commitment and continuous improvement.

Our Vision

We are a results-driven organization providing industry-leading, turnkey solutions to the North American telecommunications market. We are proud of our reputation for consistently delivering high-value results to our customers. Through our international network of partnerships, ANET is uniquely positioned to offer cost-effective solutions for projects of all sizes and complexity. Our delivery teams are passionate, solution-focused and ready to execute. Our goal is to provide our customers with an unparalleled level of competence and a single point of contact for all of their project requirements.


Anet Ensures
Health and Safety

We are committed to providing and maintaining a healthy and safe work environment for all of our staff, customers and anyone who may be affected by our activities.